Linear programming

  • Operations researchspecial cases

    Special cases of linear programming (Graphical Method)

    To start, it is important to remember that in a linear programming model, the goal is to find the optimal solution that maximizes or minimizes an objective function, subject to a set of constraints. In the graphical method, the objective function and the constraints are represented graphically on a Cartesian plane, forming a feasible region that contains all possible solutions.…

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  • Operations researchgraphical method

    The graphical method

    The graphical method is a technique for solving linear programming problems that is primarily used for cases with two variables. Although it is not very practical for a large number of variables, it is very useful for interpreting and analyzing the results and sensitivity of the problem. However, in cases where a greater number of variables is required, it is…

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  • Operations researchSimplex Method

    Simplex Method

    Simplex method is a solving problem analytic method of linear programming, able to resolve complex models than the resolved through graphic method. Simplex method is an iterative method that improves the solution on each step. The mathematical reason of this improvement is that the method consists in walking through a neighbor vertex in such a way that raises or decreases…

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